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Top Design Trends 2022

It is no surprise many homeowners are reassessing the things they want their home to possess and are looking for ways to break from the past. The recurring theme in 2022 tends to be based off creative expression, individuality and freedom. Not only do we expect to see design trends to the home décor on the interior, we expect to see changes to the outside as well. Whether looking to build or remodel, consider some of the fun new trends expected to hit this year! Enjoy!

Curves. Peace out Straight Lines

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Unlike the recent years of the “straight lined syndrome”, curves in home, are back. Expect to see more arched openings, barrel-vault ceiling and curvy walls. This trend will also extend into furnishings and actual furniture. Think of curved chairs complimenting straight lines of a fireplace. Arched windows, doors and outside porches will bring on an entire new look to new homes when it comes to their curb appeal. When curves are well done a new element of surprise and delight is brought into a home.

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Black is the new Black

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While we still expect to see natural, subtle colors and warm tones, black accent walls seem to be making a comeback. It doesn’t take much for a black wall to add a pop to any room in the house, just by a simple wall. And who has seen these new black window frames?! Gorgeous right!!! They make a great and bold first impression. Not looking to completely re-do your windows? Consider a black lacquered entryway door, it adds a nice punch to your curb appeal.

Kitchens- Anything but white

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White kitchens have been the go-to option for many homeowners for decades now, it evolved to the point where the kitchen became a white-on-white space with white cabinets, white subway tile, even white granite countertops. We are seeing more and more colors being incorporated into the kitchen by sophisticated designers. When shopping for appliances you will also see that they have taken notice to their designs. What is your favorite look?

Pizzazz to Hard Wood floors?

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While the hardwood floor has been known to change over the years, just now in 2022, things are about to get fun! We are seeing lighter wood and more interest in Old World craftsmanship with two-tone inlays and patterns. The best part about it? You don’t have to spend a ton of money on expensive hardwood. A new fun thing we have seen homeowners do is finding reclaimed wood at places like flea markets to find a beautiful floor! If you could add any floor in your home, what would it be?!

Luxury Outdoor living?! Yes please!

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Because honestly what took us so long? Especially in Texas, those warm summer nights enjoying the sunsets. Larger, more luxurious outdoor living spaces will be on the to-do list in 2022. Small decks and patios are GONE. With the new designs on outdoor living spaces its harder for homeowners to decide if they are going to stay in or “go out.” Pools, hot tubs and fire pits are no longer few and far in between.

Maximalism vs. Minimalism

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The big trend of being a minimalist has been a hot topic for the last several years. The term less is more has been a term that we often hear. However, it can also leave a home cold and sterile and is often times said, “without a personality.” In 2022, we expect to see more and more added back into the home, what’s your style?

Bringing the outside, IN.

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As opposed to earth-toned interior design that only copies colors found in nature, homeowners are now bringing nature inside the home — thereby increasing the connection between the interior and the outdoor environment. How? Simple. Biophilic design. With the biophilic design approach, homeowners seek to maximize sunlight, fresh air, plants, and other natural elements within the home. It may even include the integration of natural shapes and forms into the architecture itself.

2022 is bringing in some fun new trends and while it is cool to know them, don’t feel like you must keep up with them. Remember, your home is YOUR home. The most important thing is finding things you love that make it your own. Whether a maximalist or minimalist, always do what fits your style! Cheers!

-Your AWay Home Loans Team