AWay Home Loans superbowl food and game ideas

Food & Game

Superbowl Sunday is in just a couple of weeks and now that we know who is playing, it’s time to determine a couple of things!

  1. Who will you be cheering for? Chiefs or the Buccaneers?
  2. How will you be spending it this year? At your home? Or will you be heading out?
  3. If at home, how can you make it fun? Food? Games? Gear?

We at AWay Home Loans wanted to bring a couple of fun and easy food and game ideas to you in case you have decided to stay indoors during this season! Enjoy!

1.    Football Bingo!

Everyone loves a good game of bingo! It's an easy-to-play game to stay engaged! Use a candy or a mini football eraser as a marker! Have several fun prizes for the winners, and kids and adults will love it! Click here or on the image for a FREE printable.

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2.    Football Pretzel Sticks

AWay Home Loans superbowl 2

How cute are these? And SO simple to make!! Simply buy pretzel rods and roll in baking chocolate that you previously microwaved. Set them on parchment paper to dry and use white icing to draw the laces. Toss on a platter and you are done!

3.    Football Predictions

Another super easy and fun game for kids and adults alike. Print several of these and lay by the food or have guests grab them when they walk in! Have everyone write their guesses and make it a competition. You could even guess who may be the “prediction winner.”

4.    Football Shaped Potato Skins

AWay Home Loans superbowl 4

Because if you like cold beer you more than likely love potato skins! Am I right? Simply shape the potato into a football (a boat) and top with sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, and chives! Or if wanting to use these as a main dish, do a potato skin bar!! Set out all the toppings and let your guests make their own!

5.    Super Bowl Adult Drink Recipes

I found this site of fun to make adult beverages and LOVED it! All are so unique and creative and look DELICIOUS! If you are in the market for cute and festive drinks, click on the link below. It will not disappoint.

6.    Got Kids? We have you covered!

As a mom of 2 little boys, I always try to include them! I loved all these kid-friendly snacks on this blog that look simple enough to make or even let them help make some too! Enjoy!

7.    Football Puppy Chow

Who doesn’t love puppy chow?! Just sweet and salty enough to be able to please anyone that comes to your home! I loved how they did the football almonds in this one! SO CUTE!! Click the image for the full recipe!

8.    Chipotle Honey Lime Hot Wings

Growing up in a small town, I know the importance of a good hot wing with a football game! Am I right? So while ordering them to go from places like Pluckers or Buffalo Wild Wings is always a good idea, there is something about making your own! Check these out!

9.    Crockpot 3 Ingredient Queso

Y'all! Where I grew up, queso made with Velveeta, Rotel, and ground beef or sausage was LIFE and was most definitely served during every Sunday football game. If you have not made this incredibly delicious dip, you can thank me later. Prepare for your life to be changed!

10.    Football Shaped Bread Bowl with Spinach Dip

AWay Home Loans superbowl 10

So awesome, right? And so NOT HARD to make. Grab a round loaf of bread. Cut the middle out in the shape of a football (use that bread as dippers along with crackers) Fill it up with store-bought spinach dip and add a lace with bell pepper. Quick and easy and sure to please all your guests.

How ever you chose to spend this Super Bowl Sunday we hope you have FUN. We hope you find joy with the ones you love most and enjoy a little football along the way. (But in all seriousness, are we the only ones who still believe the Cowboys are making their Super Bowl Debut in 2022?)


Your Team at AWay Home Loans.