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Bucket List

Summer in our house is a big deal.

It is one of our family's very favorite times of the year. A time to restart, stay up late, swim all day, sleep in, eat ice cream and have movie days.

It is a time to take trips with our family, visit the beach, go to the lake, and almost always end those good days with a sunburn!

I have always heard and am a big believer that if we don’t take control of our time, our time will control us. But how do we do that?!

As a young mom to 2 little boys, I decided 7 years ago that I wanted to be intentional with our summers. How could I find a way to soak in those precious moments with them? The ones that I know now, go so fast.

How could I find ways to enhance their childhood so when they look back, they too remember, just how great those Summer days and nights were?

I started a tradition in our home several years ago when my oldest was 2. I take the first day of summer to create our “Summer Bucket List” A list of all the things we want to do that summer.

This has become one of my boys' favorite traditions and now at 7 and 4, they are the ones writing them and coming up with their own ideas!

What I have found over the years is that not only has the list changed dramatically as my boys have gotten older but that it allows me to not let the days slip away. It allows me to plan. It allows me to teach my boys things they want to learn. But most importantly it allows me to be present.

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As a parent, I think it is safe to say we are all pulled in so many ways. We wear so many hats for so many people that it becomes easy to get complacent in our days.

It becomes easy to let a day go by, then a week, and a month and then wake up and think “Wow! Already time for school to start?” Through an amazingly simple list, I am able to stay on track while creating those sweet memories during a season of my life that I will never get back!

Keep in mind when you go make your bucket list, that the activities do not have to be hard. It can be simple. It can be easy.

Yours is going to look different than mine. And that is ok. Create your bucket list to be used for your own personal lifestyle. Things you like. Things you are interested in.

Keep in mind trips coming up, or summer camps. Your job or your other kids'. Keep in mind that it does not have to be perfect; instead, let it be used as a tool to guide you, and if you don’t check every box, give yourself Grace and celebrate the ones you did.

Several ideas that we have done on Summer Bucket Lists in the past are:

• Go to a drive- in movie
• Blow bubbles
• Play miniature golf
• Catch Fireflies
• Act of kindness for a stranger
• Ride a roller coaster
• Learn to build a sandcastle
• Go fruit picking
• Stay in our jammies and watch movies and eat snacks all-day
• Roast Marshmallows and camp in the backyard
• Learn to make homemade lemonade
• Stay up late and stargaze
• Put a sprinkler under the trampoline
• Go to the beach and hunt for crabs with flashlights
• Have a cousin slumber party
• Go to an outdoor concert
• Take a picnic to a park
• Go camping and catch a fish
• Texas Rangers game
• Learn how to stand up paddleboard
• Kayak
• Overcome a fear
• Run through the sprinklers
• Play outside in a summer rainstorm
• Take something you make to a neighbor
• Make a homemade pizza
• Annual water balloon bash
• Slip-n-slide
• Try a new fruit
• Eat popsicles in the pool
• Make a new friend

As we finish another school year that seemed to just fly by, challenge yourself to try this. Let it be a way to be present. To own your time and to take it back.

Use it to find joy in the little things and to slow down. To embrace every ounce of what summer has to offer and to appreciate the life you have been given.

Happy Summer Friends!

-- Your Team at AWay Home Loans.