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Summer Bucket List 2022

“You only have 18 summers with them, make it count!”

I remember as a new mom hearing the words “You only have 18 summers with them, make it count. MAKE IT COUNT.” Those words struck me to my core because while I didn’t quite understand the depth of those words, I knew they held true.

As a new mom when the nights and days seem long you don’t really realize how quick it all goes, and then you wake up and those babies become little people and then the little people turn into little adults. And then those little adults become real adults. I’ve learned in the 8 years of being a mom that if you aren’t intentional with your time, if you don’t take control of it, you will blink, and it will be over. Because truth is when “they” say the days are long, but the years are short, “they aren’t lying!”

So how do you take control of your summers? How do you try to savor those moments?

Each year in our family we do a summer bucket list. As the years have gone by my boys now look forward to our “bucket list night.” We sit down as a family and write down the things we would like to do over the summer. The things we want to see and the places we can visit. How we want to grow, who we can help, and most importantly how we can have fun! Little things. Big things.

While we have never fully completed each activity it has allowed us to take control of our time. I encourage you to remember this is not something that should be stressful but instead use it as a guideline and if you don’t get to everything on your list “IT IS OK!”

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With summer quickly approaching and school coming to an end, our team at AWay Home Loans found lots of different ideas on Pinterest for you to jump start your planning. Grab your paper, a poster board or a computer and come up with a summer that not only your kids will remember, but one that you as their parents, can hold on to as well.

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Happy Planning!

-Your AWay Home Loans Team