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"Spruce Ups"

My 6-year-old has reminded me all weekend that it is now Spring. That” March 22” is officially the 1st day of spring.

I love this time of year. It stays lighter for longer and the weather seems to be “just right.”

I love seeing all the flowers start to bloom and all my neighbors working in their yards. I love a beautiful front yard and a back yard that is inviting, it makes me happy.

The only problem is… I do not necessarily have a green thumb!

We wanted to put together a list of some ways that you can spruce up your front and back yard whether it's your forte or not!

Hopefully, some of these ideas will shine a little sunshine onto your path. Click on the images to be taken to the website where these ideas came from. Enjoy!

1.    Grapevine Lighting (or any type of String lights)

How BEAUTIFUL is this?! What a fun DIY idea to add a little pop of flair to your trees. If you are not the crafty type, places like Target or Lowes have great string lights to hang from your trees or even connect to your roof.

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2.    Hide your AC and/or your trash cans

This is such a simple fix if you have a large AC unit or city trash cans. Simply use pallets you have and stain them or head to your nearest Home Depot type store to purchase wood at a minimal cost. Seems so simple yet will make a HUGE difference to the look of your home.

3.    Plant Evergreens

There is something about using the same trees in every pot that is such a timeless classic look. It's so beautiful and can add just the pop of color you need to highlight different areas in your yard.

4.    Outdoor Fire Pit

If you can imagine it, you can dream it. And if you can dream it you can do it. An outdoor firepit screams “summer nights” to me. The fire popping, roasting marshmallows, and music on, makes my heart happy. Whatever your fire pit dream looks like to you, it may be easier than you think to make happen.

5.    DIY Curved Bench

Let's be honest! Patio furniture, after all said and done, can get a tad pricey! If that is not in your budget this spring check out how cute this curved DIY bench is!

6.    Pops of Color

Where are all my bright and colorful people at? While I am mainly an “all she has in her closet is black and white” type of girl, I do think a pop of color outdoors can liven things up. Using bright colored pots, colorful flowers or even painting outdoor furniture are simple ways to do this.

7.    Pizza Oven

I am just going to leave this right here. Let's just all agree that a pizza oven (or cob oven) should ALWAYS be included in any future landscaping plans. Am I right?!

8.    Black and White Gravel Garden

Black and white gravel gardens are cool, chic, and modern. It brings a little flare to your backyard!

9.    Vertical Garden

OK. I think this is so cool. Maybe it's because I have dogs and young boys, so the thought of an actual garden is terrifying? Maybe it's my lack of green thumb? Either way, this vertical garden is magical!! And it is a DIY!

10.    Light Columns

How fabulous are these DIY light columns? Seems so simple with paper lanterns but can add so much beauty after you have finished your landscaping!

Green thumb or not, making your front and backyard spring and summer-ready does not always have to be hard. With some simple DIY projects and a weekend carved out you will have it ready in no time. Our homes should reflect who we are. Things we love and that bring us happiness and joy. Whatever it is that brings you happiness, whether it is a garden, string lights, or a fire pit so all your family and friends can gather I hope we all do more of it! Cheers!

-- Your Team at AWay Home Loans.