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“My house isn’t big enough…”

“I don’t even know how to begin to host ...”

“Ugh, I just want to update our home before having people over….”

All of these are excuses I am sure you have said or have heard when it comes to having people over to your home. But the truth is, while you may feel these things, more than likely your guests won’t. So many times, connections with people aren’t made or are lost due to our own insecurities with “letting people inside our homes.” Being in the middle of the holiday season and with a New Year right around the corner (yes, I know, how did another year come and go?) there is no better time than now to host a party at your own home. Lay your insecurities aside, open your doors, and gather around your table. Make friends, make memories, and forget about the need to have a “perfect home.” Just let people in! Our AWay Home Loans team has put together several ways to help you if you are looking to host! Enjoy.

1. Plan Ahead

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Have you ever heard the term “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” It is so true am I right? House parties are essential to celebrating all of life’s special moments—no matter how big or small and truth is planning is half of the fun!!! Want to be known as a house party entertaining pro? Plan, plan, plan ahead, have a great playlist, and make it fun! Nothing is better than attending a house party! When planning, plan for every stage of your event–the arrival, the cocktails, and the bites.  Will you be serving dinner? If so, are you planning to make it or have it catered? Will there be desserts? And of course, don’t forget about the late-night fun! Write it all down, make a list and get it done!!!

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2. Know Your Guests

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This. This right here is a key ingredient to becoming an at-home entertaining pro! Knowing your guests means knowing what they like, what they don’t like, and what they think is the most fun. As we all know, party entertainment is everything. I like to think throwing a party is kind of like buying Christmas gifts, it's so important to know who you are buying for and purchase something they like. Same thing for hosting, know your crowd. For the music, keep it upbeat and fun and play to their likes, or depending on your personality get them out of their comfort zone! Music is essential, and a great rule of thumb is to always keep it upbeat. You know you’re at a great party when guests sing along! Depending on the vibe of the party and your budget you may want to look into hiring a band, DJ, or solo musician!

3. Add Special Touches to Food and Drinks

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This is one of my favorites. This is where you can get creative and show who you are as a family. What you represent and what you enjoy. When it comes to food and drinks, everyone loves a good charcuterie board or bottle of wine, but there are easy ways to make these staple items even better. Before adding these special touches, make sure to consider any dietary restrictions (for example if someone requires gluten-free treats) Lay out a well-displayed variety of cheeses and charcuterie with dates, fruit, honey, and nuts. If you are local, Trader Joe's is a great spot to find rare finds and things that will set you apart (Make sure to check out their Truffle or Rosemary Marcona almonds! They are always a hit!) We have also found that when you have a special beverage that’s creative, people will ask about it out of curiosity, so make sure you are well-versed! If you plan to serve dinner there is no better time than now than to “break out the china, be very creative with the place setting, and make it feel fun and special. When you make it special, you’ll create good energy! Whether it’s plated or family style, it doesn’t matter. Your guests should be so happy that come dinner time, it’ll be all about the conversations, laughter, beautiful table décor, the food, and capturing photos of these special moments. Or maybe you are the type that would prefer to do less work, look into having dinner catered with light bites and appetizers and hiring a bartender to create custom cocktails!

4. Think About the Little Details

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With little details, these can be anything from creative touches to practical needs. This can be something as simple as having extra closet space for coats. These thoughtful details will let people feel and know that you’ve put a ton of effort into this at-home celebration. Things like lighting candles and having glassware and ice readily available with cute and fun little garnishes are an easy way to add a little pop of flare!

5. Enjoy the Party for Yourself

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This is so important!! What is the point of doing all the hard work if you aren’t even going to get to enjoy the party yourself?! The key here is to plan like it’s your favorite party every time. The thoughtful execution will show, and your guests will appreciate it. Plus, if it’s your favorite party, then you know you will enjoy it. And take it from someone who hosts often, don’t be a slave at your own party. Enjoy yourself and try to entertain and have fun as much as possible: remember, it’s your party! Your guests will want to enjoy your company too, not watch you work!

Open your doors, let people in. Host the Party. Be proud of your home no matter how big or how small. Make the memories, you won’t regret it!

Happy Party Planning,

-Your AWay Home Loans Team