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While most of Texas is still sitting hot in the 100 degree temps, you can almost taste the pumpkin spice knowing fall is right around the corner, maybe an iced pumpkin spiced latte over a hot one, but you get the idea!  With kids going back to school, the official countdown is on. Costco has set out their Halloween costumes and my guess is, you are dreaming of cooler weather and are dying to pull out your sweaters and tall boots.

But what about your home? Before you start swapping out your summer décor for fall, check out some of the 2022 trending home décor styles that I personally, can’t wait to get my hands on!! (While drinking a PSL of course!)

Most people think of orange for the fall, but experts say 2022 is going to be full of colors. Not only will you want your color palette to include more hues but if you are going for an Insta- worthy home check out the new Barbiecore trends. While I love a good simple classic pumpkin, it turns out you can really spice up your fall décor with customizable and vibrant jack-o-lanterns! Whether you are looking for a basic fall wreath or more of a cozy porch vibe, our AWay Home Loans team has you covered! Happy Decorating!

1. Cozy Front Porches

Home Decorating Trends for Fall 2022 AWay Home Loans 1

When it comes to decorating your porch, did you know there is an actual term that is used?! I know right?! It’s called “Porch-scaping” and is an easy way to update your home. This fall, you will want to try and create a cozy front porch, so it is available when you want to embrace the autumn air. Draping garland over a door frame is an easy and dramatic transformation. Add outdoor blankets to your seating and make a simple change in the pillows. Stacking real pumpkins and adding fresh mums (Costco always has the super large ones) is a way to quickly change the way people feel when they walk up to your home!

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2. Dried Floral Arrangements

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Dried Floral arrangements make the perfect fall addition to your home because not only does it fill your space with a “natural vibe” they are sustainable and long-lasting! Places like Urban Stems allows you to pre-order arrangements, or you can make your own at home! (think girls night!) Always make sure you are getting creative in adding colors, heights, and textures to add volume!

3. Barbiecore

Home Decorating Trends for Fall 2022 AWay Home Loans 3

Haven’t heard of it? Think all things hot pink. Barbiecore is trending and experts don’t think it will stop this fall! Studies show that Barbiecore is a “much-welcomed mood-booster” the last few years! It is a simple way to embrace those desired “vibrant hues!”  While you are decorating with all your traditional fall colors, we encourage you to try something new! Add in a pop of hot pink through pumpkins, a small table or even a cute hot pink mirror and watch your mood come alive!!

4. Metallic Accents

Home Decorating Trends for Fall 2022 AWay Home Loans 4

This is one of my favorites! But really though, how beautiful do pops of gold and silver and metallic accents make a table setting look? This is another fall trend we have seen pop up. It is a great way to bring fall to life in a warm complementary way that is super easy to incorporate into any home! Think simple gold flatware or pops of metallic candlesticks to your tablescape with metallic pumpkins added to your patch!

5. All things Green

Home Decorating Trends for Fall 2022 AWay Home Loans 5

If you know anything about trending décor then you know that Green has been trending since the beginning of this year! However, we expect that the green shades this fall will be a little darker and more jewel hues like forest, emerald, moss and hunter creating a rich palette! You can go simple like adding more faux plants in cute green vases or on a more drastic side of swapping out old chairs with beautiful green velvet ones!

6. Pumpkins. And more Pumpkins. (of course)

Home Decorating Trends for Fall 2022 AWay Home Loans 6

Pumpkins. The mascot of the season. The forever favorite fall decoration. The thing that brings little kids joy through carving them year after year. But did you know that at Michaels you can get a personalized pumpkin for your porch, and you can put whatever you want on it! So fun, right?! HomeGoods is always stocked with some super cute, trendy iridescent pumpkins that make cute additions to your dresser or bookshelf! So go on and grab you that iced PSL and take an hour for yourself browsing their isles. You won’t regret it!

7. Fall Wreaths

Home Decorating Trends for Fall 2022 AWay Home Loans 7

A great way to bring in your personal style is through a little front door swag and a fall wreath. Places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels have large selections of floral bushes and stems. However, good news is that if you aren’t the crafty type you can also purchase ready-made wreaths. Ombre wreaths for both inside and outside your home seem to be a trend for 2022…haven’t seen one? Check them out!

8.  Earth Tones

Home Decorating Trends for Fall 2022 AWay Home Loans 8

Although “Barbiecore” has become a thing, 2022 is said to be shifting color pallets from the classic jack-o-lantern orange tones to more of the Earthy tones that incorporate autumnal hues in designs. Think taupe, terracotta, browns and earthy greens, the colors that will bring a cozier feel through their shades. A simple way to incorporate them is throw pillows in your living room and bedrooms!


We hope as the seasons change and the leaves begin to turn you take a minute to enjoy it. To breathe in the fresh fall air and sit in the cooling temperatures. To drink the PSL and carve the pumpkins with your kids. To honestly just do whatever it is that brings you JOY whether that’s through adding in emerald hues, pops of hot pink or just a simple wreath. Find it, do it, and don’t apologize for it. Hoping Fall brings you all the happiness it does us. Cheers!

-Your AWay Home Loans Team