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20 Gift Ideas 2020

As Father's Day approaches, we, at Away Home Loans know the importance of the role a father can play in the life of a child. The thing about Dad's is that they can come in all shapes and forms. That’s what makes each unique. We also feel it's important to remember a father doesn’t have to be a biological Dad to leave a lasting impression on a child's heart. Being a dad is a choice. It’s a choice to show up each day. It’s a choice to constantly put the life of another in front of your own and to always remember there are little hands and feet that want to be just like YOU. That everywhere you go, there is a constant reminder that someone much smaller than you, needs YOU, just the way you are.

So how do we show those special Dads in our lives that we love them? How do we make them feel extra cared for on Father's Day and remind them that the job they have as someone's Dad is more important than any other paying job out there? How do we show them just how much we need them?

We have put together a gift guide of 20 gifts that are unique, ones that can be appealing to Dads of all kinds. We hope you find something within these 20 that may just make the special Dad in your life feel extra loved this coming Sunday. Happy Fathers Day from all of us at AWay Home Loans to the Dads that continue to show up…may you never underestimate your role as someone’s Father.

Cheers! Xoxo

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1.    Wooden Beer Caddy Handcrafted Carrier

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 1

Where are all my Dads at that love to Bar B Q?! Instead of just grabbing a pair of new utensils this year we have linked this super cute wooden caddy for you to fill with all their favorites! And how awesome is that bottle opener attached to the side?!


2.    Whiskey Appreciation Crate

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 2

Hello Man Crate!!! I don’t know about the dads in your life but the ones in mine LOVE a good glass of whiskey! This crate has everything you need to make sure they have everything they need without you even having to go to the store. Simply click the link below, customize it and you’re done!


3.    Hand-Made Superhero Cards

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 3

Dads of little ones! You guys!!!! How cute are these hand-made superhero cards with Dad's favorite candy in them?! As a mom to a 3-year-old, my superhero-obsessed son will definitely be crafting these up for his daddy!


4.    Dad Jokes - Books

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 4

Who doesn’t love a good “dad joke?” What is it with dads and their jokes?! Maybe these books will help spice it up a little and save all us moms from the ones they continue to make up!! How cute are these little cards?!


5.    Retractable Spring Compressor

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 5

Because a man can never have too many garage gadgets. This is the perfect retractable air compressor. Small enough to stay out of the way but big enough to do its job.


6.    Garage Tool Organizer

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 6

Ladies, think of this as just as much of a gift for you as for them! Not only are you getting them something that we know men want but it will bring you so much peace to walk into your garage or his “man cave” and see everything in a nice and tidy place.


7.    Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 7

Help him…help you! These are the best. They store all of those unwanted bins on top of the ceiling out of everyone's way. Dads love their garages. It’s a space that can be theirs and with the help of this, you are able to help them keep it tidy and organized!


8.    Advanics Beverage Refrigerator

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 8

Beer fridge? Soda fridge? Wine fridge? Heck! Who cares what type of fridge he turns it into, it’s his! His very own! ALL Dads are sure to love this fun addition to add to their “Man Cave”


9.    The Beard Cape

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 9

THE BEARD CAPE!!!! These are not only meant to make one laugh but to also do their job!!! While a beard can make a Dad look ever so handsome, let's not forget the mess it makes when they shave! Buy him this cape and its very little clean up! He will thank you!


10.    Lightweight Camping Hammocks

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 10

As one who is married to an outdoorsman, I give you my word when I tell you this is the best!!! These hammocks wrap them like a cocoon so it makes for the perfect camping trip hideaway or just to hang in your back yard. It's fun for both Dads and Kids alike!


11.    Liquid Propane Grill

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 11

The portable grill! These are a must-have for every Dad. It’s a simple grill that you can take on any fun family adventure or guys weekend.


12.    Portable Cooler Bag

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 12

Portable cooler bags are a must! I know the Dads in my life can seem to never have too many. I love the look of this one. Its heavy duty but small enough to not be overpowering. Plus that color is on point!


13.    Echo Show

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 13

Tech-Savvy Dads? Dads that travel? Ones who may not live inside your home? Check this out! Such a great way to get to see your kids and experience life with them even if it's not in person.


14.    Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 14

Please tell me we aren’t the only family that constantly loses the remote? This Alexa Voice remote allows you to change the channels without ever having the remote in your hand! Pair this with a handwritten coupon of a movie night of his choice and you are sure to make him happy!


15.    Adidas Leather Sneaker

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 15

Every Dad needs a good pair of “Dad shoes”. Ones that scream I’m still cool even though I have children in tow and am driving my wife’s minivan. Adidas shoes are some of our favorite. You can’t go wrong with an all-white Adidas sneaker.


16.    Howler Bros Clothing Line

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 16

If you haven’t heard of Howler Bros, check them out. It’s a mix of an outdoorsman that used to live in California but now fishes and hikes all day in some mountain town. This is one of my favorite men's clothing lines. Their hats, boardshorts, and just t-shirts are bound to make any dad feel cool.


17.    Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 17

Air Pods. The best thing since sliced bread as many Dads would call them. Need I say more?


18.    Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 18

If you have a Dad who loves to read, Mamba Mentality is a book that will empower all the Dads in our lives. As a best-seller, this book is a MUST.


19.    Lap Table

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 19

This lap table is a great accessory for ALL dads. It simply props on his lap and allows him to finish work or browse his favorite technology device. It has a built-in lamp to be used even in the late hours.


20.    Mounted Garage Vacuum

Away Home Loans Father's Day Gift 20

Garage and car vac with wall mount! This thing is sweet!! Click the link below to read the reviews and all that it does.



- your team at AWay Home Loans