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Fall Yard Maintenance Tips for the Homeowner

As the air turns crisp and leaves start to fall, there are steps that homeowners can take to keep their houses in the best shape possible. Not only does this help you enjoy your home, it can also keep costs down and make it more attractive to potential buyers if you want to sell.

Fall Yard Maintenance Tips for the Homeowner

Gutter Cleaning

One of the most important things you can do in the fall is clean out your gutters. Leaves, sticks, and other debris can build up and cause rainwater and snow to keep from flowing through your gutters and down to the ground. This water can come into your home and walls, causing damage. Cleaning out your gutters keeps them flowing and operating like normal.

If you want to keep this chore to a minimum in the future, consider putting a gutter guard on your home. These can be plastic or metal and provide a barrier to leaves and other items that can accumulate in the gutter.


Seal Windows and Doors

As you get ready for colder weather, make sure that all your windows and doors are properly sealed. This will keep the warm air in your home and save money on electricity and heating costs. Even small leaks can cause your home to be drafty. You can seal these leaks with caulk. For bigger repairs, you may want to replace old windows and doors.


Fireplace Inspection

If you have a fireplace, you should get it inspected and/or cleaned annually. Using an unsafe fireplace can have disastrous and very dangerous consequences. When you get your fireplace inspected, the inspector can let you know if you have any problems that might make it unsafe to use. They can also recommend how often you should get it cleaned, as well as any upcoming repairs or maintenance that may be needed.

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